Jun Mao

Web/iOS Developer


Syracuse University (SU), Syracuse, NY
Aug, 2013 - May, 2015, Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering, GPA: 3.37
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), Beijing, China
Aug, 2009 - June, 2013, Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Technology

Technical Skills

These are all the programming languages, frameworks and tools I ever used, which with are those I prefer and commonly used.

Programming Languages

Frameworks & APIs

Software Tools & OS


CIKERS Start-up Team, Campus Soccer Website Innovation Program

Jun, 2014 – Sep, 2014, Web Developer (AngularJS, HTML)
- In charge of routine maintenance and debug work of www.cikers.com
- Modified the UI Framework to make the website pages adapt to mobile devices

Syracuse University, School of Information Studies, Syracuse, NY

Apr, 2014 – Aug, 2014, Research Assistant (Objective-C, API)
- Developed Emotion Map iOS App, migrated the app from Android platform to iOS
- Implemented both the front-end interface and the back-end APIs with Objective-C
- Got familiar with Facebook SDK, used SVN to cooperate with project partners

Tsinghua University, Network and Information Security Lab, Beijing, China

Jan, 2012 – May, 2012, Lab Research Intern (C/C++, PHP)
- Participated in the research Investigating China’s Online Underground Economy (2012 IGCC)
- Monitored and retrieved 3.3 million items of research data from underground market
- Used ChunZhen ip2location database to query locations of 86,337 distinct C-class IP ranges

Trend Micro, Inc., Data Analysis and Processing Group, Beijing, China

Jun, 2012 – Jul, 2012, Project Assistant Intern (MySQL, Python)
- Analyzed data of 12 monthly briefings in 2011 provided by Anti-Phishing Alliance of China
- Performed a detailed analysis of the size and trends of the under-ground markets, the number and distribution of participants and the distribution of business types using SQL


Small Business Management System (ASP.NET, RESTful)

Apr, 2014 – May, 2014
Built a website to support the business of a local computer repair shop
- Provided web APIs creating billing and managing inventory from a WPF client
- Implemented both the public and private areas using Asp.Net MVC

Remote Performance Assessment (C++, Socket)

Jan, 2014 – Apr, 2014
Designed a facility to serve multiple concurrent clients analyzing the similarity of C++ source files on a remote server
- Provided a client process that uses WPF to build a GUI that supports the file operations, processing requests and displaying performance information
- Implement a Message-Passing Communication facility that used to transports messages

Remote Source Code Repository (C#, WCF)

Aug, 2013 – Dec, 2013
Developed a Source Code Repository client and server with Graphical User Interface in C#
- Enabled insertion and extraction of source code files in a project’s baseline
- Display properties and relationships of source code files after authenticated check-in

Leadership & Activities


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